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Daddy Monster ABC by Diana Neild, illus. Emily Walker. Pub. Onetree House, 2020

October 8, 2020 Comments off

ABC picture books are a unique art form. This one is superb because it uses the letters of the alphabet to rhyme and tell the story.

“X, Y, way up high…. me and Monster in the sky”

Father chases boy around the house using a teddy disguised as a monster, on his way to bed. The enjoyment is evident and the ending is safe and assured for the boy.

The illustrations enhance the fun and the text which highlights two or three letters per page.

One of the best alphabet books I have read. For pre school and juniors. great read-a-loud.

Animalphabet by Julia Donaldson, illus. Sharon King-Chai

April 2, 2020 Comments off

animalphabetAnimalphabet by Julia Donaldson, illus. Sharon King-Chai. Pub. MacMillan, 2020.

Very cleverly designed, illustrated and written picture book for juniors and pre-school children. The unity of illustrations and text has never been better. This alphabet picture book will blow your mind.

The written text is enormously clever and demands to be read aloud. It starts with an Ant, but who is prettier than an Ant? of course it is a butterfly but it hasn’t as many legs as a caterpillar and a caterpillar is not as big as an elephant.

But who is pinker than an elephant? and the question of them all who can sing better than a Mole? Read it and find out. Covers air, land and sea creatures.

Sharon King-Chai’s illustrations are superb and the cuttings and flaps in the pages and cover once opened reveal something about the story.

The best picture book so far this year.

The Little Yellow Digger ABC by Peter & Alan Gilderdale.

November 12, 2019 Comments off

abc diggerThe Little Yellow Digger ABC by Peter & Alan Gilderdale. Pub. Scholastic, 2019.

The mantle of Betty Gilderdale’s classic Little yellow Digger has been picked up by the next generation in an entertaining and educational ABC picture book with lift-the-flaps.

Little yellow Digger who looks quite grown up now is involved in lots of digging projects including digging a water hole for some hippos, saving a stranded whale on the beach, digging up some dinosaur bones among other things. He is a very helpful digger.

Rhyming text helps tell the story and reveal the letters of the alphabet in amazingly alphabetical order getting in such words as Unicorn and Xylophone. Each letter is in both capital and lower case letters and hidden under a flap for children to lift up.

The illustrations are colourful with lots of animals and digging work going on. Ideal for juniors as a read-a-loud and individual reading.


The Day that A Ran Away by B.C.R. Fegan illus. Lenny Wen.

July 20, 2018 Comments off

ran awayThe Day that A Ran Away by B.C.R. Fegan illus. Lenny Wen. Pub. Taleblade Press, 2018.

Alphabet books play an important role in getting children into reading. They establish enjoyment by introducing the letters from which all language is built. Not only that but they teach the new reader how the letter is pronounced and words that begin with that letter.

This new picture book does all this and more because it gives each letter a personality and a great sense of fun is established.

Master Jet the young boy character has not written his alphabet and is cornered by his teacher. Like all children he makes up an excuse for not doing so and it is straight out of his imagination. A ran away, B was so sad she didn’t stay…

You get the drift it is told in rhyming text and is very witty. Master Jet gets his payment, read it and see what it is.

Lenny Win gives character  and fun to each letter. I loved Q and X. See if you have a favourite too.

Great book for juniors to pour over and for adults to read  aloud.