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Lily, the Littlest Angel bk1. Lily gets her Wings by Elizabeth Pulford, illus. Aki Fukuoka.

May 24, 2019 Comments off

lily 1Lily, the Littlest Angel bk1. Lily gets her Wings by Elizabeth Pulford, illus. Aki Fukuoka.

This delightful early reader for girls aged 6-8 is the first of 6 books that the girls will adore. I thought it was a great read.

Lily is at Amelia’s Angel Academy trying to a proper place in the Academy. She has to perform better than Tisa who has a few tricks up her sleep. Things do not go well in the first two tests but the third challenge will change things completely. Failure is not an option as it will send Lily back to the Bossy Boots’ Boarding House. Heaven forbid! Read it and see what happens.

Excellent story from Elizabeth Pulford  who creates drama and fun from a simple situation. Aki Fukuoka’s illustrations get the characters right and enhances the fun.

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The Rephaim Bk4: Burn by Paula Weston

September 10, 2015 Comments off

burnThe Rephaim Bk4: Burn by Paula Weston. Pub. Text Publishing Melbourne, 2015.

The final thrilling book in this series that will have you on edge to the final page. The first part of this series with essential background is also reviewed earlier on this blog so read it first.

The sons and daughters of the Fallen or the Rephaim are at sixes and sevens. Divided and all unaware of the truth and reality of each others lives. None more so than leading characters twins Jude and Gabe. Neither knew of the others existence believing they were dead but nothing is as it seems in this novel.

Meeting an 11 year old girl called Dani who was visions of the past and crucially the future is the game breaker. She makes the Rephaim realise that if they are to free the Fallen who are their fathers, they must unite. Then they can find out why they exist and what they are to do with their lives.

A major battle is looming, it could result in all out war between Heaven and Hell. If the Rephaim are not united how can they go into battle and win if they cannot have the confidence that someone is watching their back. You will have to read the novel to find out more.

Much of the novel is around the personal level of settling differences between the Rephaim. These highly sexed, beautiful teenagers who are 140 years old smoulder with desire. Their encounters are heated and urgent.

The plot is complicated by the telling in 3 time zones, now, one year ago and 11 years ago. At times it confuses but you get by.

They say you can’t buy a thrill but buy this and see if it is true. For teens who love horror and romance for that matter.

A Fallen Novel Part 2. Torment by Lauren Kate

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Torment by Lauren Kate. Pub. Doubleday, 2010.

If you want to know where all the Twilight readers have gone to and what they are reading now, then check this Fallen series out.

The plot and storyline will be very familiar to you but the lovers in this are called Luce and Daniel and instead of Vampires and werewolves we have Fallen Angels. The angels are divided and the darkness side are after Luce and Daniel must protect her.

After the battle at the end of the Fallen, Luce is taken out of her old school in Georgia and sent to California to attend The Shoreline school. The girls aren’t as steely c0ld as in Fallen because  they are in awe of Luce and her legendary love affair with Daniel.

The main villains in this book are the Outcasts, a sect of spineless waffling angels, who have been shunned by both heaven and hell and nasty sinister creatures they are.

Luce has been around before in several other lives and Daniel tells her all about her past lives. But is he telling the truth and will a rival emerge?

I cannot tell you too much about this novel except that Luce goes blond and after a similar slow start to Fallen, once the action heats up you won’t be able to put the book down. Do so in the knowledge that part 4 Passion will be out early next year.

Intermediate and  secondary students will love this esp[ecially girls but pass it on to your mothers.