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North & South; A Tale of Two Hemispheres by Sandra Morris. Pub. Walker Books 2021.

February 27, 2021 Comments off

This beautifully illustrated and researched non fiction picture book sized publication contrasts the lives and needs of animals in both hemispheres at corresponding times of the year.

It starts in January when it is winter in the Northern hemisphere and summer in the South and shows the ways that animals adapt to the changing seasons and the threats that global warming, habitat destruction and other human activity are having on their lives.

Animals deal with changing seasons in various ways and the examples chosen show this but what is important is that animals need to be able to predict the seasonal changes and adjust their lives and those of their offspring accordingly.

Animals used in this publication include the salt water crocodile, the pink flamingo, the brown kiwi, the green tree python, the Japanese macaque, the African elephant, the honeypot ant, the Portuguese man-of -war and a host of others.

Each animal is accurately drawn with a profile that shows how it lives and adapts to its environment. It is classified according to its survivability in our changing world and the threats to it’s survival.

Easy to read and at the start and finish of this book is a map of the World showing all countries and the location of the animals.

A superb resource for any school library and for the family home. You will not get better information than this on the Internet. The author has written it to show children the impact of their behaviour on animal life and how this will shape the future of our natural world.

Honk by Elizabeth Pulford, illus. Astrid Matijasevich. Pub. One Tree House, 2021.

February 23, 2021 Comments off

Honk is a goose who has been battered by a storm in the night and needs to recuperate. He chooses the sandpit in Henry’s backyard and Honks.

Henry, the cat and henry’s mother and little sister accept the goose and treat it with respect. henry feeds it and this is a sure way to become friends with any animal. Henry and Honk become friends with Henry showing Honk the way to the pond.

Henry’s mother knows Honk will go as soon as it is time and soon that time is up. Read it and see what happens.

A delightful story is enhanced by delightful quirky, childlike illustrations with lots of colour and expressive eyes in all the characters. Illustrations do not have to be drawn to scale to have effect.

.There is a warm fuzzy feeling about this picture book which is a story of friendship, acceptance and respect for wildlife.