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Snow Ghost by Tony Mitton, illus. Diana Mayo. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2020.

December 5, 2020 Comments off

Snow Ghost in the image of a pretty young girl comes “shimmering out of the air searching for somewhere to settle…but where?’

The lights of the town do not hold much hope, nor does the dense tangled wood or the top of the hill with it’s chilly winds. Suddenly there is a farmer with two children playing in the snow. Is this the place? Check it out and see what happens.

Simple descriptive text, peacefully told and illustrations that make you as cold as the winter and as warm as the children in their play.

Harmony and belonging is what it is all about.

Ideal for the Christmas that is upon us, at least in the Northern hemisphere.

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Erik. The lone Wolf by Sarah Finan.

January 19, 2018 Comments off

erik wolfErik. The lone Wolf by Sarah Finan. Pub. Allen & Unwin, 2018.

This picture book impressed me the minute I picked it up, before I evenĀ  opened it up to see what was inside. The cover was done in a relief type of art. The title stuck out from cover you could feel it like a blind person. So did Erik with his red scarf and the mountains as well. It was lovely to rub my hands across it.

Inside the written text and illustrations did not disappoint either. I do admire author/illustrators.

It is about belonging and feeling crowded at the same time. Erik is sick of being with the pack and being told to do this and not to do that. He takes off on his own.

At first the freedom is exhilarating but then trouble, Erik is in the deep stuff. Fortunately the pack haven’t left Erik and they rescue him and he is so glad to be back. Sometimes people do not appreciate you till you’re gone and vice versa. Lots of positive messages about this work.

Great to read aloud and to read on your own. A real beauty, don’t miss this one.

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