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Ma Wai E Hautu? by Leo Timmers.

August 6, 2020 Comments off

ma wai e hautuMa Wai E Hautu? by Leo Timmers. Pub. Gecko press, 2020.

This is an unusual board book in Maori language but it is funny and the illustrations are a treat to behold.

The left hand page always has the same four words which translate as we are the helpers. Then the right hand page has a fire engine, a blue car, a yellow racing car, a tractor and a number of other means of transport.

However the most valuable part is that each page introduces a wild animal with it’s Maori name. I wonder if many people know that Arewhana means elephant or kakiroa means giraffe.

A board book for juniors and pre schoolers which helps them learn the Maori language.

I talked to my Maori neighbour about the translation and she thought it was fun.

Thomas Comes to New Zealand.

February 27, 2019 Comments off

thomas TankThomas Comes to New Zealand. Pub. Hardie Grant Egmont, Imprint HarperCollins, 2019

Using a TV character to promote reading to pre-schoolers is a good idea. This board book with sturdy pages can withstand tough conditions and brings the delights of NZ to the new reader.

Thomas comes with the Fat Controller on the barge Dilly to NZ. he visits 90 mile beach, Tane Mahuta, Auckland, crosses over to the South island and visits Queenstown and a rugby game in Christchurch between the All Blacks and Wallabies.

The photographic like illustrations are superb.

What a start to reading!

Hedgehog Howdedo by Lynley Dodd

December 2, 2018 Comments off

hedgehogHedgehog Howdedo by Lynley Dodd. Pub. Puffin Books, 2018.

All the encounters I have had with hedgehogs have been joyful experiences. I love their eyes, their spines and their demeanor. How great it is to read this new Board book of the picture book first published in 2000.

The hedgehogs are preparing for hibernation and they can be found all over the garden “four are on the compost heap,five beside the shed and six are sweetly snoozing in the Cockleberry bed”. The rhyming text makes it a great read-a-loud.

This board book is also a counting book but it is the illustrations of the hedgehogs that make you go awwww. The facial expressions are a delight.

A great way to start reading and the enjoyment of books for pre schoolers and juniors. Babies can chew to their hearts content.

Look, a Butterfly by Yasunari Murakami.

February 21, 2018 Comments off

butterflyLook, a Butterfly by Yasunari Murakami. Pub. Gecko Press, 2018.

A love of reading needs to be started early and this superb board book about colours is as good as it gets.

White butterfly flits and flutters in the blue sky and green grass. It stops on one colourful flower after another and they all open. Then it rests on a pussy cat and the cat wants to play.

Plenty here to fascinate a young reader with the colours and the shapes.

From the illustrator of 999 Tadpoles find a new Home also reviewed on this blog.

Bathtime for Little Rabbit by Jorg Muhle

January 31, 2017 Comments off

little-bathBathtime for Little Rabbit by Jorg Muhle. Pub Gecko Press, 2017.

I love board books for pre- schoolers because they can be thrown around, chewed and even read-a-loud to youngsters.

This covers familiar territory for both parents and children and what’s better is that it is interactive. It allows the reader to help give Little rabbit a bath.

Get the bath ready with shampoo, towel and blow dryer.put the rabbit in, wash behind his ears, keep the soap and water out of his eyes, dry him off then blow dry his ears – if the dryer works.

Simple and expressive illustrations in primary colours.

Good fun and a huge seller in Germany and Europe as a whole. Get into it New Zealand it is brilliant. Also check out Help Wolf is Coming elsewhere on this blog.

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Max’s Bear, Max’s Bath & Max’s Wagon by Barbro Lindgren & Eva Erikson.

February 24, 2015 Comments off

bearMax’s Bear, Max’s Bath & Max’s Wagon by Barbro Lindgren & Eva Erikson.

Three first books for toddlers written in simple languageĀ  about their everyday play and made in sturdy boardbook format.

Max has a bear, a truck, a car and a ball along with his pet dog who has a personality of his own and is particularly fond of Max’s cookies. Name a dog that isn’t.

In Max’s Bear, Max plays with his bear to the envy of his dog. He chucks it around, cuddles it and it ends up in the potty. Oh the embarrassment! Dog reluctantly comes to the rescue.

The written text is simple 3 – 5 word sentences with all words being repeated for easy learning.


wagonIn Max’s Wagon Max loads up bear,ball, car and cookie into the wagon. Once the cookie is in dog takes a different view of things and of course ends up with the cookie.

Simple yet expressive water colour illustrations compliment the written text beautifully.








BathIn Max’s Bath Max bear, ball, truck and cookie go in the bath. Dog skitters away but Max won’t have it and dog goes in as well. The cookie somehow disappears.

Beautifully compiled by this award winning Swedish couple who have proved that children all around the world are on the same wavelength.