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Chronicles Vol. 1 an Autobiography of Bob Dylan

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DylanChronicles Vol. 1 an Autobiography of Bob Dylan. Pub. Pocket Books, 2004.

Bob Dylan has always been one of my musical heroes and when given this title for Xmas by my son I read it avidly finishing in one day. I was searching for something about the man that would unlock all the secrets and speculation about him and the songs that he wrote. It doesn’t do this but it does present an artistic mind and how it works and it outlines the influences that made Dylan the genius that he is.

When asked early in his career by the poet Archibald McLeish who his boyhood heroes were Dylan answered Robin Hood and St George the dragonslayer. Figure that out.

Dylan never saw himself as a mouthpiece or conscience of a generation which the press and others were determined to tag him with. All he did he says was to sing songs that were dead straight and expressed powerful realities.

A remarkable quality of Dylan that comes out is his dedication as a father and family man. He did everything to keep them out of the vagaries of his life as he struggled with the complexities of fame. When the Kennedys, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were shot he didn’t see them as leaders rather as fathers whose families had been left wounded.

While he does talk of the influences of Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Jack Kerouac and others inĀ  his life as a young artist working in 60,s New York the best titbit he gives about himself is thisĀ  “be true to yourself because that is what I am all about”.

Not the autobiography I wanted but hell it is compelling reading.

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