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When Dad Came Home by Vanessa Hately-Owen, illus. Rosie Colligan.

October 25, 2018 Comments off

dad came homeWhen Dad Came Home by Vanessa Hately-Owen, illus. Rosie Colligan. Pub. Oratia Books, 2018.


When the guns fell silent in World war 1 for many the war didn’t end. The noise, the trauma and the inhumanity of war stayed with them in their heads.

Rita and Thomas wait eagerly for their dad to come home. They are apprehensive as they see other dads come home with wounds and scars. They wonder what their dad will be like. Will he laugh and joke and carry them for piggy back rides?

They soon find out. Their dad is shell shocked. Noise upsets him. Rather than tiptoe round him they sing their favourite song when working with him or in his presence. It works and dad is soon recovering.

A heart warming story brilliantly illustrated by Rosie Colligan. She captures the faces of hope, of despair, of pain, of sadness and eventually of joy.

A beautiful story for everyone.

Pom and Pim by Lena and Olof Landstrom

January 21, 2014 Comments off

pom & pimPom and Pim by Lena and Olof Landstrom. Pub. Gecko Press, 2014. 

A picture book from Sweden with only 84 words in which writer and illustrator work in perfect harmony.

Pom has golden hair and wears a long sweater with four buttons keeping it together. He carries an obscure cuddly toy that he cherishes and calls Pim.

Their day together has its ups and downs and starts with Pom tripping over a rock which is bad luck, but finding some money which is good luck. He buys an ice cream but gets a stomach ache. And so on until the ending where Pom shows a great bit of initiative.

Most children become attached to a toy and the way they treat it often reflects how they perceive the world. Pom is just great.

The illustrations are simple and show the character of Pom. The action is easily understood with both one page and two page illustrations. The pastel colours are restful and in spite of the up and down nature of the action the atmosphere is peaceful and under control.

A great read-a-loud for pre school children and a good purchase for the home or school library. My pre school granddaughters loved it. The ice cream is their favourite part.


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Birdbrain Amos

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

This is one of my favourite stories and a great story to read to your class at the beginning of the year when you are discussing values with the students.

Amos is just the most wonderful caring person you will ever meet. He is courteous, thoughful and considerate to everyone he meets, but he does make mistakes.

Amos is a hippopotamus who needs a tic bird to eat the insects off his back.  The trouble is when he advertises for a bird he gets it wrong and interviews a host of unsuitable birds like a pelican and a stalk.

The bird he does select has a hidden agenda and causes Amos embarrassment in the eyes of his fellow hippopotami.  Can he take the steps necessary to right the situation?

Probably suitable at years 3&4 but will be enjoyable for a new class up to year 7/8.

Try it, your students will love you for it.