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In The City. A look anfd Find Story by Holly James, illus. Hannah Tolson.

July 1, 2020 Comments off

in the cityIn The City. A look and Find Story by Holly James, illus. Hannah Tolson. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2020.

Cities are not all the same but they do perform the same functions everywhere they exist. This look and find picture book for juniors shows the various functions of any city and allows children time to explore and look for things that happen in the city.

Oscar and Lucy travel into the city by train from the suburbs and use a map to seek things out. They see the traffic, they visit a museum, they note the number and variety of vehicles on the streets, they climb up a sky scraper, visit a park for a picnic, cruise on the river, go shopping, take a bus tour and off home.

The things they see are highlighted  and listed at the back of the book.

Excellent illustrations in bold colours and I suspect that the city shown is London but it could be new York, Tokyo Paris. The figures in the illustrations are multi cultural.

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