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Little Kiwi has a Forest feast by Bob Darroch

July 19, 2017 Comments off

little kiwiLittle Kiwi has a Forest feast by Bob Darroch. Pub. Penguin Random House, 2017.

When little kiwi tells his sister “I’b got a colt” the rumour mill starts that has little kiwi leaving the forest on a horse. His friends pour round to see him only to find that he habn’d got a ‘orse but he could ead one because he is uggry!

The other birds see his predicament and bring around lots of worms. Too many in fact so they all have a feast but little sister still thinks it would be fun having a horse.

Delightful story for juniors about the New Zealand forest bird community and the latest in the dozen or so picture books that make up the Little Kiwi series..