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How to Be famous by Michal Shalev

January 6, 2016 Comments off

how to be famousHow to Be famous by Michal Shalev. Pub. Gecko Press, 2015.

Another stunning picture book from Gecko written on several levels for children and adults.

This is the age of the selfie and I am sure that if the pigeon in this story had a cellphone it would be full of selfies.

The pigeon crosses that fine line between confidence and self delusion. On the first double page spreadĀ  we see a typical pigeon hangout with a declaration of this is my family and we are all famous. The uncle was a bit of a rascal.

Then follows a two page history of famous relatives from the Ark to the great war. This is followed by a trip to the zoo where we learn of the pigeon’sĀ  self obsessed fame leading to his unexpected demise.

Simple written text with superb pencil and watercolour illustrations. The crocodile runway is terrific.

if you miss this one you will kick yourself.

Happy Bright Light. A Weekly Empowerment Guide by Kelly Stone

October 16, 2015 Comments off

happy brightHappy Bright Light. A Weekly Empowerment Guide by Kelly Stone. 2015

I rarely review works such as this one which deals with confidence and strength in your own character. I learn things from every book I read and am aware that not everyone is the same and that some young people struggle. This book review is for them.

A two part book each dealing with a 26 week agenda for discovering self and self improvement. Part 1 deals with finding strength in your own identity and such tasks as saying Yes and No and building connections.

Part 2 deals with setting goals, dealing with stress, adopting a positive attitude and handling tough situations. It stresses working hard, not giving up and turning weaknesses into strengths.

The book is also a diary of your achievements asking the reader to identify things they learned about themselves and when they felt confident.

Between chapters are some serene photographs which give a sense of calmness and help in feeling confident.

Essentially for high school students and young adults but there is something here for everyone.

Big Nate: What Could possibly go wrong? by Lincoln Peirce

May 14, 2012 Comments off

Big Nate: What Could possibly go wrong? by Lincoln Peirce. Pub. HarperCollins, 2012.

This is for those readers who like the Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kinney but prefer to read graphic novels or comic book style books.

They have the same sense of humour and boys in particular are going to love them.

Nate is a street wise kid. He knows how to handle adults although doesn’t always do so successfully. He has a sharp wit, takes risks and has a sense of the bizaare. In many ways he is like Charlie Brown except that he oozes confidence.

He lives with his father and elder sister and all the incidents that happen are either in the home, with his school mates, playing basketball or baseball or at school.

Nate is 11 years old and he likes a girl called Jenny but she has no time for him. His attempts at wooing her bring a lot of laughs that adults will appreciate.

The best laughs come in his relationships with his school teachers particularly the fierce but fair Social studies teacher Mrs Godfrey, the art teacher Mr Rosa and the Principal Mr Nichols.

Comic strip style graphics and speech bubbles. Very readible and appealing to primary and intermediate students.