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Cricket Crazy by Vivienne Bailey. Pub. Cuba Press 2021.

March 19, 2021 Comments off

Tom is 11 years old, at Rewa Intermediate school and is crazy about cricket. His father was a good cricketer and has an old bat with the autograph of some famous NZ cricketers including Martin Crowe. Tom’s best friend Fletcher plays cricket too and so does Izzy a girl that Tom likes but keeps it to himself. She is an all rounder and there is nothing worse for a boy than to be bowled out by a girl.

Tom is still missing his dead mother when dad turns up with a red headed lass called Tanya who has taken over all his dad’s attention. Worse thing of all is they are kissing and cuddling and Tanya doesn’t like his dog Archie who is moved from his home comforts to out of doors.

A cricket competition is to be played with the final to be played at the Basin Reserve. Tom wants to get there but things are not going well for him. Then his favourite bat is nicked at a cricket game and Fletcher gets glandular fever.

Will Tom make it? How about dad and Tanya? What has Izzy got to do with it all? Read it and find out.

Lots of cricket talk and a glossary of terms in the back of the book. Good advice for a young cricketer and for any sport in fact. practice, have confidence in yourself, concentrate and play for your team.

A first novel for this author and I think she is on the right track with this novel about cricket and family and school life.

The cover looks very much like Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor batting together and they do get a mention in the novel.

Howzat by Mike LeFroy Illus. by Liz Anelli.

August 27, 2014 Comments off

howzatHowzat by Mike LeFroy Illus. by Liz Anelli. Pub. Walker books, 2014.

Cricket is a game like no other and whats more it is a World Wide game as this picture book celebrates.

Starting in England the bouncing cricket ball takes the reader around the World to every continent where the game is played. The written text reflects all the cricket terminology like snick, silly mid on, googly, slashing, howzat and its a six.

Each two page spread by Liz Anelli shows the game being played by boys, girls and adults and reflects the culture and characteristics of the country concerned. Backyard, beach and street cricket are featured plus the organised games. With the flag of each country prominently displayed.

Not just for the cricket enthusiast but definitely a celebration of the great game.

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The Year my Life Broke by John Marsden

December 7, 2013 Comments off

year my life brokeThe Year my Life Broke by John Marsden. Pub. Pan Macmillan, 2013.

Grade 6 Josh and his family have taken a tumble in life. They once drove an Audi, had a big house and Josh and his brother and sister went to a privileged school.

Now they are living in Tarrawagga, the kind of town that gives holes a bad name. The house they now live in is small with paint pealing off the walls. It is a dump.

What is worse for Josh is that he was a star sportsman at his old school especially at cricket. His new school is as run down as the rest of the town and the kids are as friendly as European wasps.

Josh decides he doesn’t want to be there and pretends he is useless at sport and anything else. he doesn’t care that he is a called a loser. In my book that makes him a loser and josh pretty soon finds he cannot keep it up for long.

The house next door is suspicious. police come and go all the time but he gets to know the kids who live there, Harriett who is the same age as him, and Woody, a boy with desperation written all over his face. What is going on here?

The school has made a brand new cricket ground and is to play a neighbouring school who they have never beaten. Is it time for Josh to reveal his hand?

Marsden tells this story with some panache. He has always been concise in his writing, his imagery and metaphor make pleasing reading and the dialogue between the kids is straight from the school playground. He has his own school when all said and done.

The description of the cricket games and the action that goes on in the next door house make for a lively ending.

Quality writing for primary and intermediate students.


Maxx Rumble Cricket: Maximum Maxx by Michael Wagner drawn by Terry Denton

January 2, 2013 Comments off

Maxximum maxxMaxximum Maxx by Michael Wagner. drawn by Terry Denton. Pub. black dog books, 2013.

I would have loved to read these when I was in primary school, they are funny, informative and they are about cricket. Reluctant boy readers will thrive on them.

This is all 8 books about the Stone Valley Saints cricket team. It takes you through the season as they play a number of aptly named teams like The Princely Pigdogs, The Outhouse Rodents and The Dodgy Duffers.

All the 25 over games are described with the rules of cricket sometimes bent to indescribable levels and humour extracted from every aspect of cricket. Take Martin Vettori captain of the Kreepie Crawlies the captain who is a bit crazy and possesses a two headed coin.

After every game the league table is drawn up giving points and  net Run rate. Before every book there is a tip about playing cricket and they are very good advice.

Terry Denton’s drawings are once again a sight to behold. He captures everything about the game and shows up the absurdities as well.

The two authors also have a similar series on footy. The books can be bought singlely as well as in this compendium.