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While we Run by Karen Healey.

January 10, 2015 Comments off

while we runWhile we Run by Karen Healey. Pub. Allen & Unwin, 2014. This YA novel is sequel to When We Wake the story of Tegan who was cryonically preserved after being shot in 2027 only to wake up in a different Australia 100 years later.

In the earlier book Tegan and some others including Abdi the handsome boy from Djibouti who narrates this novel, expose the Ark Project, a Government scheme to cryonically freeze refugees and ship them off to another planet with the promise of a better life.

After being caught the Government control Tegan and Abdi by torture and make them put a positive spin on the Ark Project and as we found in NZ with the Nicky Hagar book Dirty Politics, people are prepared to abandon truth in favour of a comforting falsehood. This is one of the themes in this novel.

The second major theme is the role of violence in achieving political ends even when it is for the right reasons. Tegan, Abdi and the group of rebels who want to expose the evils of the government agonise with some relish the collateral damage associated with getting the truth out. Does the end justify the means?

Tegan and Abdi have been tortured and need to get over this and also sort their feelings out for each other. I will let you decide how well they do this, but things are resolved and all the loose ends tied up and I guess some will think it is well done others may not be so sure.

I found the book a serious work on serious issues. The question of cryonics is handled well although I am not sure of the science. Karen Healey maintains the action, including the all Australian bushfire, to keep the reader interested and of course the Tegan/Abdi romance provides another sideline. Read it and see if you agree.

Refugees and global warming are other important issues. Its worth a read.