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Nanny Mihi and the Rainbow by Melanie Drewery Illus. Tracy Duncan

November 13, 2019 Comments off

nanny mihiNanny Mihi and the Rainbow by Melanie Drewery Illus. Tracy Duncan. Pub. Oratia, 2019.

A reprint of this best selling picture book with all-new illustrations and printing.

Nanny Mihi has a whare (house) on the coast and every year her moko ma (grand children) visit her on their holidays. Nanny Mihi has them gathering different coloured shells, berries, flowers and other natural items and aligning them on the beach.

Each colour which reflects the colours of the rainbow is in Maori and English with a different colour collected on a different day of the weak. The days of the weak are also in Maori and English.

When a storm erodes their beach display Nanny Mihi tells the children that the Atua (gods) will repay in another way and after the storm sure enough a rainbow appears across the bay.

Lovely story and impressive illustrations that reflect the natural world and of course those expressive brown eyes of Nanny Mihi and the children.