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The Little Yellow Digger and the Big Ship by Peter Gilderdale & Fifi Colston. Pub. Scholastic

October 22, 2021 Comments off

When I gave this picture book to me 18 month old nephew he squealed with delight. He loves diggers and you will love this latest tale of the little yellow digger too.

Based on the true story of the Ever Given which stuck in the Suez Canal and caused a massive blockage in shipping. It was digger that dug a trench that allowed the real ship to become free and this story it is the little yellow digger. What a hero.

Beautifully illustrated with the desert, the mosque and the tight canal shown realistic illustrations. The problem of the stranding and the astonishment of the captain is very apparent.

Excellent read alou story and to show children other parts of the world.

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The Little Yellow Digger ABC by Peter & Alan Gilderdale.

November 12, 2019 Comments off

abc diggerThe Little Yellow Digger ABC by Peter & Alan Gilderdale. Pub. Scholastic, 2019.

The mantle of Betty Gilderdale’s classic Little yellow Digger has been picked up by the next generation in an entertaining and educational ABC picture book with lift-the-flaps.

Little yellow Digger who looks quite grown up now is involved in lots of digging projects including digging a water hole for some hippos, saving a stranded whale on the beach, digging up some dinosaur bones among other things. He is a very helpful digger.

Rhyming text helps tell the story and reveal the letters of the alphabet in amazingly alphabetical order getting in such words as Unicorn and Xylophone. Each letter is in both capital and lower case letters and hidden under a flap for children to lift up.

The illustrations are colourful with lots of animals and digging work going on. Ideal for juniors as a read-a-loud and individual reading.


Bruiser Written and Illustrated by Gavin Bishop

September 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Bruiser by Gavin Bishop. Illus. Gavin Bishop. Published Random House. 2011.

You have never seen a Gavin Bishop picture book like this before. His written text is as tight as it ever was but his illustrations break new ground. They have almost a collage feel about them. See for yourself.

Bruiser is a digger with one obsession, nothing is going to stop him building a motorway. He runs roughshod over everything until one day he disturbs a mother bird and her hatchling and has a change of heart. We all need to learn that we can change and that life is not only about us, particularly in environmental matters. Good lessons to be learned here.

Bruiser is a hot head and his colours of strong orange and black accentuate this. The environment around Bruiser is bright blue green and yellow but Bruiser doesn’t see it. All he sees is his power to make a motorway. When he comes unstuck Bruisers powerful colours seem to change to a more caring and thoughtful mode.

I had to read the book three times before I made my mind up, but I like it. It has high boy appeal and that is a good thing.

Essential purchase for all primary school libraries and for the home where boys can pick it up and read at will.

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