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A World of Discovery by James Brown & Richard Platt

November 6, 2018 Comments off

world discoveryA World of Discovery by James Brown & Richard Platt. Pub. Walker Studio, 2018.

Boys often prefer non-fiction works to fiction and this book tells you why. It is a big book with each entry 2 pages long containing a lot of bite sized information that is really interesting.

It covers World changing discoveries in chronological order as far as we know, starting with the Wheel, Fire, Time, Money and Paper and finishing with the Internet and Artificial Intelligence. Each two page spread features the invention or discovery on page one and the second page details the mechanics, chemistry etc and how it is made.

Some of the more interesting details are -the wheel was first used as a potters wheel not for transport. The flush toilet which comes in at ten would cost $330Billion to provide all those that still need it with a toilet and that is only one sixth of what we spend on weapons and war. Disgusting!!

To show how much the World has changed dig this – Lifts in the USA were separate for men and women unless they were together. It was considered improper for a woman to be alone in a room with a man she did not know. Who knows with MeToo it may be time to go back to it.

This is for everybody and essential for school libraries.

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