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Takahe Trouble by sally Sutton, illus. by Jenny Cooper. Pub. Scholastic, 2021

June 3, 2021 Comments off

I liked this story for a three reasons. Firstly because it is about an endangered NZ flightless bird, the takahe, well two actually, Secondly it is a true story and thirdly the illustrations of the two takahe are delightful.

Walter is a very conservative takahe. Takes no risks, has yet to find his adventurous side and steadies the ship in a crisis. Manaaki is a devil may care takahe, wants to see a rat, a roaring road and eat foreign food.

Manaaki cajoles Walter into getting through the fence and come what may. Each of Manaaki’s desires are going to come true and others too. It is a night they will never forget but caring humans are in sight.

Deliciously illustrated by Jenny Cooper. The two teenage takahe are drawn to character and the rat is a pearler.

Great story, very witty, easy to read a very classy idea. The truth of the story is in the back. get it and read it.

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