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There’s a Moa in the Moonlight. He Moa kei ro Atarau by Dawn McMillan, illus. Nikki Slade Robinson, Translated Ngaere Roberts. Pub. Oratia, 2021.

November 23, 2021 Comments off

I have often imagined what it would be like to see a moa. What if all the extinct creatures of NZ or indeed the World could all come back? Well the little girl in this story has found a way to do it. Check out the ending to this story and see how she has done this.

There’s a moa in the moonlight, He’s in our garden plot. He’s munching all our melons, he likes the seeds a lot” So begins this rhyming text story that brings back many of NZ’s extinct creatures including the Haast Eagle, the Huia, the kawekaweau or lizard and others.

They all come into the garden and it reminds us of what we have lost and how easily we could lose other precious creatures. But the little girl has found a way to keep them. Superb.

Nikki Slade Robinson illustrates with accurate pictures and gives each animal a personality.

After dawn McMillan’s rhyming text is Ngaere Roberts’ Maori translation which makes this picture book more valuable as it can be used to teach the Maori language.