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The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers Pt2. The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers by Michele Clark McConnochie.

October 13, 2019 Comments off

glass slippersThe Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers Pt2. The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers by Michele Clark McConnochie. Pub. Morgan James Publishing, 2019.

The second book in a trilogy is often the hardest to write because it hasn’t got the surprise wow factor of the first book nor the drama of the conclusion in the third.

This novel is more of the same that the first brought but it does fill in gaps and broaden the nature of the conflict in the magical land of Dralfynia. We find out more about Sabrina’s stepmother Bridget and her relationship with the bad witch, witchy Wu who has slipped through the magic barrier from Dralfynia to become a teacher at Melas school (Salem spelt backwards) where Sabrina and her friends Persis and Olive go.

We find out more of the 8 fingered Beast who wants the crown of Dralfynia and the nature of the conflict and my favourite character the horse Clyde who becomes a unicorn in Dralfynia.

The action moves along in short chapters  and there is a cleverness about the reworking of the story of Cinderella and the glass slippers. She needs rescuing in this story.

Good values for primary and intermediate readers especially girls who understand the nature of girlie relationships. I look forward to the conclusion.

Stories of the Night by Kitty Crowther

August 15, 2018 Comments off

night storiesStories of the Night by Kitty Crowther. Pub. Gecko Press, 2018.

A read-a-loud bedtime story for juniors with some class.

Little bear wants three stories from his mum before he goes to sleep. reading to children before they go to bed is a brilliant thing to do. It shows them the power of reading and it gives them something restful to think about before the land of nod takes over.

The stories are about the Night Guardian who puts all the creatures to bed at night, brave little Zhora  who lives in the forest and the old man with an overcoat who finds it hard to sleep.

These stories are similar to fairy tales, myths and legends and are beautifully illustrated with pink pastel colours that are so restful.

A worthwhile investment for the home and the junior classroom..