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Bush Block by Kerry Butler

July 27, 2015 Comments off

bush blockBush Block by Kerry Butler.

Not the usual type of novel I review on this blog because it is not only about a boy called Joe who grows up after being bullied most of his life and succeeds, but it is a philosophy of life and living a sustainable life on a block of land.

Joe is the youngest boy in his family headed by a violent and drunken father. he is his mother’s favourite and has to wear the tag of mummy’s boy. he learns to fight back and becomes a star rugby player at school. Academic life is not for him he is a boy who works with his hands. he moves onto a farm with his uncle, meets a girl, gets into hunting settles down and as he gets older learns to diversify his life on the land.

A good yarn in a Barry Crump sort of way, some hooray stories especially an involvement with a  gang over growing marijuana on his property. Lots of hunting talk.

Written in a no nonsense third person narrative and aimed at high school students and young adults.

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The Farmer in the Dell sung by Topp Twins Illus Jenny Cooper.

October 23, 2014 Comments off

farmer in the dellThe Farmer in the Dell sung by Topp Twins Illus Jenny Cooper. Pub. Scholastic, 2014.

This is the fourth collaboration between the Topp Twins and Jenny Cooper and the combination works just fine. The CD in the back of this picture book has the song and an instrumental with some interesting call outs.

Children can read the book or have it read out or sung along with the Topp Twins. Good stuff.

Jeeny Copers illustrations are just outstanding. The hound dog is just magnificent. Elvis would have been moved. The farmer and his wife who are presumably in the dell are great – bare knees for the man, gumboots for the woman, dancing with a collie. The nurse and the cow are just bizaare.

It is worth it just for the illustrations, the music just tops it off, if you will excuse the pun.