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A Robot’s Journey to Find a Heart. by Dave & Jessie Gerber

January 7, 2020 Comments off

robot heartA Robot’s Journey to Find a Heart. by Dave & Jessie Gerber. Pub. Adelaide books New York, 2019.

Jessie and her daddy are very lucky. They love doing things together and Robot puts it all down to heart.

Robot is told he hasn’t got a heart and can’t have one but he wants what Jessie and her daddy have so he looks for reasons why. Will he learn about a heart from books?or playing sports or helping others or going to school?

See how Robot gets on. One thing is for sure-he may not have a heart but he can learn to love.

Simple text, simple illustrations, big message.

Watch Out for the Crocodile by Lisa Moroni & Eva Erikson.

February 19, 2014 Comments off

watch out crocodileWatch Out for the Crocodile by Lisa Moroni & Eva Erikson. Pub. Gecko, 2013.

A picture book of childhood imagination as dad takesĀ  his daughter Tora camping. Both have different needs and desires on this trip and as dad shops and prepares for the night under the stars, Tora grows impatient.

As they trudge through the forest and the meadows dad is on the cell phone and the ipad while Tora hunts out the wild animals.

She sees a boa constrictor under a tree, Giraffes feeding from a tree, a lion stalking in the field, hippos resting and a crocodile in the river. Dad misses them all.

As night falls and they camp by the lake Tora is glad of dad’s preparations and the two share an imaginative water dragon in the lake.

Lovely story told in simple text and illustrated beautifully by Eva Erikson. My favourites are the trolls in the field and the fairies in the mist.

A great read-a-lod for juniors and a bed time story for pre schoolers..