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Tough Guys (have feelings too) by Keith Negley

August 11, 2019 Comments off

tough guysTough Guys (have feelings too) by Keith Negley. Pub.Flying Eye Books, 2019.

A lot of tough guys will be shedding tears this morning after the All Blacks were smashed by the Wallabies and this picture book tells them that it is OK.

“It’s not always easy being a tough guy.”.. is the opening line to this excellent picture book on feelings in boys and men. No matter how fast, strong or brave we are it is ok to show feelings.

A good message with stunning illustrations and a great father/son image on the last page. For everybody especially boys.

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Invisible Jerry by Adam Wallace, Illus. Giuseppe Poli.

November 14, 2018 Comments off

invisibleInvisible Jerry by Adam Wallace, Illus. Giuseppe Poli. Pub. EK Books imprint Exisle Publishing, 2018.

This is the sort of picture book that makes you go awwhh. It’s from a new publishing company that promotes itself as¬† publishing “Books with heart, on Issues that Matter”. I can’t do better than that in my review.

Jerry is a lonely boy, nobody laughs at his jokes and he never gets picked when choosing sports teams. He feels invisible. Then Molly comes with her flamming red hair and riding a unicorn play horse. She asks what he thinks, laughs at his jokes and makes him feel king of the castle.

Can Jerry do the same thing for someone else in the same predicament? Read it and find out.

Brilliant water colour illustrations that enhance the text and the loneliness that Jerry feels. You can tell what is happening without reading the text. The true test of a good picture book. Excellent for dealing with feelings with juniors..

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Counting on You by Corinne Fenton. Illus. Robin Cowcher.

August 5, 2016 Comments off

countingCounting on You by Corinne Fenton. Illus. Robin Cowcher. Pub. Five Mile Press, 2016.

We often use the phrases “I’ll Never Forget you” and “I am Counting on You” with reference to someone we love. This simple yet moving picture book for everybody could have over sentimentalized these feelings but instead puts them in their proper place.

A young boy is flying a kite on windy days on clear blue sky days on days when he is full and on other days when he needs a hug and reassurance. He is remembering a parent who he still needs and will never forget.

Simple  poetic text with watercolour and pen and ink illustrations that superbly enhance the text.

A book for discussion and reflection.