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World Folk Tales retold by Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod, illus. Brent Larsen. Pub. Giltedge Publishing 2021. PR. Lighthouse

May 28, 2021 Comments off

This picture book of folk tales from fourteen different countries and cultures around the world is possibly the best collection of it’s type that I have read. In hard back picture book size it would be an essential purchase for school libraries and a classy book for the home with primary and intermediate age children and for adults too.

From folk tales we get lessons and wisdom and these 14 tales are full of both. Starting with a Maori legend of Rata’s Diosappearing Waka it puts Maori legends firmly on equal rating with legends from other cultures.

There is a Aboriginal legend of Dreamtime. a Greek legend of Arachne and Athena and others from India, Indonesia, Ireland, Scotland, Chile, Mongolia, USA, Brazil, Nigeria and my favourite from Turkey.

Each story is told on a two page spread splendidly illustrated by Brent Larsen. Pick it up read one and be bewildered with their brilliance.

A very classy publication. Miss this and you will kick yourself.