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Virals Pt 4: Exposure by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs.

February 18, 2014 Comments off

exposureVirals Pt 4: Exposure by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs. Pub. Young Arrow, 2014.

Followers of this very readible series will be glad this is out. New readers need not have read the earlier parts but you will be mad not to. The reader is brought up to date within the first 30 pages and then it is in to the new action.

The wolf virus that has altered the DNA in 15 year old Tory and her friends Hi, Ben and  Shelton is still changing and heightening their senses to that of a wolf. This part is called exposure so I will leave it to the reader to work out what the novel is all about.

Once again we have a sinister villain who has kidnapped two of the Virals classmates, the Gables twins. He is keeping them in a well and lowering their food in a bucket with water constantly dripping over them in a confined space.

The Virals as the group of teenagers is called plus wolfdog Coop, decide to use their abilities for the common good allowing the authors to stretch into crime and their  extensive knowledge of forensics.

A startling new development is the revelation of a thirteenth zodiac sign, the serpent bearer and the revelation that the mad scientist, Karsten, who developed the virus that changed the Virals, has left an encrypted flashdrive which is in the possession of whipped rich boy, Chance.

Go on you want to read it. I found it compulsive. High school students and driven Intermediates will enjoy this new part.

Virals part 3: Code by Kathy and Brendan Reichs

December 19, 2012 Comments off

codeVirals 3: Code by Kathy and Brendan Reichs. Pub.Random House, 2012.

Hot off the press for Virals fans this is the one you have been waiting for but is it the end?

In Seizure the Virals – Tory, Hi, Ben, Shelton and wolf dog Coop, found pirate gold and saved research facility on Loggerhead island on the coast of the southern city of Charleston.

The Virals have had their DNA invaded by a virus that gives them wolf like senses and power but it is still evolving and they do not have control of it.

A dangerous psychopath called the Gamemaster has lured them into a life and death struggle by burying a Japanese Himitsu-Bako box on Loggerhead Island. Inside is a code which they break. They  discover that Charleston is under threat of being bombed unless they play the game set by the Gamemaster.

it is an exciting struggle. Everything comes to a head as a Catagory 4 hurricane bears down on Charleston. Will they find and stop the Gamemaster? Do they know him already? Did he lure them in on purpose? Will there be casualties? What part will the Virals special condition play in the story?

Exciting stuff co written by Kathy Reichs and her son Brendan. The action keeps you involved and the short chapters keep you in the book long after you had planned to put it down.

For High school students and young adults. If you have read the first two books you will hunt this down, but it also stands alone as the authors fill in the background for you. If you grew up on Alex Rider and Robert Muchamore books and you like forensic science and codes you will love this novel.

Virals by Kathy Reichs

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Virals by Kathy Reichs. Pub. Young Arrow, 2010.

Tory Brennan is 14 years old  and she lives on Morris Island  Charleston South Carolina. Tory’s father works at a research laboratory on Loggerhead Island off the coast of Morris Island and she and her friends are allowed access to the island. She wishes she did not!

The laboratory  is run by a devious character called Professor Karsten who has isolated a section of the research Institute for his own secret experiments.

Loggerhead Island also has a couple of other unique features that are important to the story. Firstly a lone wolf has mated with an alsatian dog and produced three cubs the youngest of which is called Coop. Secondly the island is populated by a troop of monkeys who are starting to show weird behaviours.

When visiting Loggerhead Island with her friends Ben, Shelton and Hi, Tory discovers that Coop has gone missing and the monkeys attack them and throw a clod of earth at them in which is embedded a soldiers dog tags.

In order to read the dog tags the teenagers break into the Research Centre to use equipment held there and in the process find the secret laboratory in which Coop is held and  being  used to test a deadly virus called  Parvovirus which is normally fatal to dogs. The question is can it be trasmitted to humans?  When Tory and her friends start having weird dreams and spasms of heightened senses and strength they realise they are turning into Virals.

Kathy Reichs normally writes for adults but she has adjusted her style to write this novel for teens and young adults. The Chapters are short as are the sentences and paragraphs. This makes for quick easy reading with hooks at the end of each chapter to keep the reader interested.

Virals is over 450 pages but it is exciting action packed  and combines mystery with fantasy and forensic science. It is probably the start of a new series and fans of Twilight will find it appealling.  I enjoyed it.