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Hucking Cody by Aaron Topp.

September 21, 2015 Comments off

huckingHucking Cody by Aaron Topp. Pub.Mary Egan Publishing, 2015.

I am always delighted when I read a book like this that is aimed at the reluctant boy reader of High School age. It is about growing up but more importantly it is about Freeriding.

Hucking is to launch from a substantial height without fear and having faith in your bike to get you through. Yes it is about riding downhill through obstacles, over cliffs on a bike with quality rear suspension.

Cody is such a rider but his older brother Zane is a better one and the new girl at school with the pierced nose is a better one too. The competition is on and there is a major race at the end of the novel and lots of bike talk all the way through.

There is also a lot of jealousy, family conflict, criminal behaviour and expectations that are unrealistic particularly regarding the opposite sex and first love.

The novel is strong on personal ethics and responsibilities as well as the frailties of teenageĀ  and family behaviour.

Told in short very readible chapters with a plot that keeps moving. The university party is a hoot, I was at a few of those in my day.Highly recommended.