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999 Tadpoles Find a new home by Ken Kimura, Illus. Yasunari Murakami

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

999 Tadpoles find a new home by Ken Kimura, Illus. Yasunari Murakami. Pub Gecko Press, 2010.

It is not often I review a picture book on this blog but this one tickled my fancy.

It is a Japanese story first published in 2003 but brought to us thanks to Gecko Press who do a lot of this and I am so glad they do.

Mother and father frog produce 999 eggs in a small pond and when all of them hatch into tadpoles and grow into frogs, things are a bit tight. They have to move, and away they go in single file across land.

The journey is like all journeys with children. “Are we there yet?” ” What is this dad?” as they drag out a sleeping snake.

A hungry hawk interrupts the journey to produce  a surprise ending.

Yasunari’s  illustrations are simple and expressive and fully support, indeed add to the impact of  the written text.

Read-it Read-it read-it. This is for everyone.

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