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Early One Morning by Lawrence Schimel & Elina Braslina. Pub. Oratia, 2021.

September 14, 2021 Comments off

A little red head boy gets up before his two mums and his sister and makes breakfast while they are still sleeping.

The cat is awake too so both make their own breakfast.

A read aloud for juniors and pre school and hard board so that they can beat it around a bit.

Similar content to Bedtime Not Playtime with gay mothers . The strength is the normalcy of the relationships.

Colourful characters and easy text.

Bedtime, Not playtime! by Lawrence Schimel & Elina Braslina Pub. Oratia, 2021

September 14, 2021 Comments off

Little girl is getting ready for bed, brushes her teeth, her two daddies read her a favourite story

but Rex the dog wants to play. He grabs hood of her stuffed toy and bedlam breaks loose.

I wonder how it ends up. read it and see. A board book that is meant to be read allowed to pre schoolers and juniors. The surprise is that is about a gay relationship of two men bringing up a little girl. This enhances it’s appeal and focus’s on the normalcy of such relationships.