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Honk by Elizabeth Pulford, illus. Astrid Matijasevich. Pub. One Tree House, 2021.

February 23, 2021 Comments off

Honk is a goose who has been battered by a storm in the night and needs to recuperate. He chooses the sandpit in Henry’s backyard and Honks.

Henry, the cat and henry’s mother and little sister accept the goose and treat it with respect. henry feeds it and this is a sure way to become friends with any animal. Henry and Honk become friends with Henry showing Honk the way to the pond.

Henry’s mother knows Honk will go as soon as it is time and soon that time is up. Read it and see what happens.

A delightful story is enhanced by delightful quirky, childlike illustrations with lots of colour and expressive eyes in all the characters. Illustrations do not have to be drawn to scale to have effect.

.There is a warm fuzzy feeling about this picture book which is a story of friendship, acceptance and respect for wildlife.