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Max and his Big Imagination Bk7 The Cave by Chrissy Metge, illus Dmitri Chizhov.

August 13, 2020 Comments off

max caveMax and his Big Imagination Bk7 The Cave by Chrissy Metge, illus Dmitri Chizhov. Pub. Duckling Publishing 2020.

The seventh book in this series dealing with childhood issues with this one handling “afraid of the dark”.

Ever had your children drag blankets from their beds and make a cave with furniture in your lounge? I have and it is fun. Max’s mum does this to help Max with his fear of the dark and she gives him a torch to help him. But Max goes further, he uses his imagination to create a glow worm cave. Read it and see what happens.

Superbly illustrated by Dmitry Chizhov who gets the glow worms just right and enhances the text with his dark images.

Bug in the Dark by Lee Kimber. Illus Paul Elder.

June 7, 2014 Comments off

bug in the darkBug in the Dark by Lee Kimber. Illus Paul Elder. Pub. Kimberwrite, 2013.

This is the first picture book I have read about a glow-worm.

It is from self publishing author Lee Kimber who tells a story of a glow-worm out of it’s comfort zone and looking for a way to get food and protect itself from enemies. He starts to discover his unique qualities and glows in the dark like a good worm should.

Told in rhyming verse that demands to be read allowed.

The real star is the illustrations by Paul Elder. His creation of the leafy environment that glow -worm finds himself in, is  beautifully created. The glow-worm is adorable and the spider and weta exude charisma.

I read it to my granddaughters and they loved it. A worthy purchase for schools.

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