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The Wardstone Chronicles: The Spooks Revenge by Joseph Delaney

December 14, 2013 Comments off

The Wardstone Chronicles: The Spooks Revenge by Joseph Delaney. Pub.Random House, 2013.

This is the thirteenth and last part in this series that seems to have passed me by. I missed it amongst the torrent of novels that come my way. I read it any way and found I could get into the story very easily and while reading the others would have given me some insight, it wasn’t necessary.

spooks revengeTom Ward is the 7th son of a 7th son with a lamia witches blood in him and this gives him some resistance against dark magecraft which is wielded by those who support the top evil force The Fiend. In a previous book The Fiend has had his head severed off and the two pieces of his body are kept apart.

Tom, who is apprentice to the Spook of Chipenden, has the task of preventing the witch supporters of The Fiend from getting both head and body of the Fiend back together again. This leads to astonishing action in which he calls for help from a powerful Boggart called Kratch, a bloodthirsty character.

In the hills that surround Chipenden there is a hill upon which is a magical stone called the Wardstone. All the forces of good and bad are heading there for Halloween. Will the Fiend be restored or will the Spook get his revenge and beat for ever the forces of the dark.

Simply told in an olde worlde manner which makes this complicated story easy to read and understand. If you have read the others then you must have this, but if you haven’t this novel is as good a witch fantasy as I have read.

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