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The Hug Blanket by Chris Gurney, Illus. Lael Chisholm.

August 13, 2020 Comments off

hug blanketThe Hug Blanket by Chris Gurney, Illus. Lael Chisholm. Pub. Scholastic, 2020.

I read this hard back picture book with a smile on my face, a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. It is about the life and death of a grandmother and the relationship she had with her grandchildren especially her granddaughter who narrates the story.

Nana had white curly hair, wore flowing skirts, loved sea shells, baked bread and made hug blankets. She played on the beach and was a vital part in the lives of her grand children. Then she suddenly died leaving them all bereft.

Nana’s funeral had sad stories and happy stories and everybody missed her. The ending is superb as Nana’s memory is enshrined in something she left everybody. Read it and see what it is.

Beautiful illustrations that make this story of life, death and grief so meaningful.

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Great Grandma’s Shed. Marcum Road Follies by Helen Nickolson, illus. Tanya Maneki.

January 7, 2020 Comments off

Grandmas shedGreat Grandma’s Shed. Marcum Road Follies by Helen Nickolson, illus. Tanya Maneki. Pub. Adelaide books New York, 2019.

This is a collection of old time shaggy dog type stories for juniors, the sort of story that only a grandparent can tell their grand child.

Essential to the story is for the child to believe that a car-Old Red, can be a human like being that can share their lives and do things that adults can do. Once that is accepted the car becomes a friend and a person like anyone else. Indeed he is. He takes them to the movies, he gets sad, the children play tricks on him but he becomes an essential part of the community in the farming area of north California.

Old fashioned story telling in short stories. My favourite is the unruly cows who can do Irish dancing and pester grandma by dirtying up her yard.

There are also other characters like Cutie pie the dog and Teepo the duck. I found it a good laugh. Great illustrations especially those at the end of each story.