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That’s Not a Hippopotamus! by Juliette MacIver. Illus.Sarah Davis

July 18, 2016 Comments off

hippopotomusThat’s Not a Hippopotamus! by Juliette MacIver. Illus.Sarah Davis. Pub. Gecko press, 2016.

When Liam’s class go to Don’s Safari  to see the animals, the naked mole rat is in, the goblin shark is in and so is the pink fairy armadillo but where is the hippopotamus?

The class go looking all absolutely positive of what a hippopotamus looks like but hippopotamus is cunning and elusive but if you look hard you can spot him. Liam knows where he is but the teacher won’t listen.

After many identity mistakes by the children, bedecked in floral shirt, pork pie hat and sunglasses hippopotamus sneaks up on the children. Delightful.

Juliette MacIver’s rhyming text pushes boundaries but makes for great reading-aloud. “We got ‘im miss, we got ‘im miss we got ‘im by his bottom miss”.

Sarah Davis has really come to the party with her illustrations. The children, the animals, the game keeper and especially the teacher show real character as they go through all the emotions that the story brings. The hippopotamus is superbly disguised and I loved it when he hides with the elephants.

An experienced team this. Other books by both are on this blog. A great addition to any school library and a wonderful story to read to children at night.

Birdbrain Amos

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

This is one of my favourite stories and a great story to read to your class at the beginning of the year when you are discussing values with the students.

Amos is just the most wonderful caring person you will ever meet. He is courteous, thoughful and considerate to everyone he meets, but he does make mistakes.

Amos is a hippopotamus who needs a tic bird to eat the insects off his back.  The trouble is when he advertises for a bird he gets it wrong and interviews a host of unsuitable birds like a pelican and a stalk.

The bird he does select has a hidden agenda and causes Amos embarrassment in the eyes of his fellow hippopotami.  Can he take the steps necessary to right the situation?

Probably suitable at years 3&4 but will be enjoyable for a new class up to year 7/8.

Try it, your students will love you for it.