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Inheritance by Carole Wilkinson.

November 19, 2018 Comments off

inheritanceInheritance by Carole Wilkinson. Pub. black dog books, imprint Walker books, 2018.

Imagine you are able to travel back in time and on one of those journeys you meet your mother who you thought was dead. That fate befalls Nic, a 14 year old girl who goes to stay with her grandfather on the family estate of Yaratgil in the Australian countryside.

Nic is not aware of her family history but senses hostility to her family when she goes to the local school. People hate the Mitchells and Yaratgil but why?

While staying at the great house on Yaratgil, Nic discovers a locked room. While reading an old copy of Pride and Prejudice she finds a letter directing the reader to a dresser inside the locked room in which there is a secret draw. She finds 5 stones which when fitted together and tainted by blood allow the holder to travel back in time. Unbeknown to Nic, generations of women in her family have used the stones to time travel.

Nic is to discover a great tragedy about her family and the local Aborigines. A secret that should be told and which all Australians should be concerned about. Read it and find out what it is. The question that’s asked if given a chance would you or should you try to alter history? I would give it a shot.

Well written by Carole Wilkinson. She handles the time travel very well and prevents confusion with short chapters and hooks that carry the reader on. All high school and young adult readers in Australia in particular should confront themselves with this novel. An enjoyable but harrowing read.

I should mention the cover. It is superb. Read this novel and find out why.