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The Great Realisation by Tomos Roberts, illus. Nomoco. Pub. HarperCollins Books, 2020.

September 20, 2020 Comments off

This without doubt is the picture book of the year, possibly the decade.

It is an inspiring, hopeful and inciteful poem told by a father, sometime in the future, to his son at bedtime.

It looks at the world pre Covid and shows it to be a soulless place with people who get instant gratification with a click. The people became disconnected from each other and the Planet became polluted until the virus hit.

Then people became connected again while in lock down and people saw that the new World was better than the one left behind. It was called the Great Realisation.

Nomoco’s water colour illustrations tell the story in pictures and enhance Tomos Roberts written poetic text.

Don’t miss this it is brilliant.

I Go Quiet by David Ouimet

September 25, 2019 Comments off

I go quietI Go Quiet by David Ouimet. Pub. canongate Books Ltd imprint Allen & Unwin, 2019.

When this book came through my mail box I took one look at it and said to myself “read it now”. The cover has immediate impact.

It begins with a girl who feels lost, alone and misunderstood in the world she lives in. She wanders through this old world that has a feel of the Industrial revolution, sometimes wearing a mouse mask. All the people in this picture book wear mouse masks and look insignificant in the world they are in.

As the book progresses the girl begins to feel she does belong and does have a future as her imagination takes over and her knowledge of reading books gives her power.

Stunning messageĀ  written with text that is almost poetry. The illustrations are equally stunning and at times have a filmic quality. The world the girl lives in looks horrible but she finds hope for the future.

If this is not the best picture book of the year I want to see the one that is.

For everyone butĀ  sophisticated readers will see it’s power.