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Will You Be My Friend? by Sam McBratney, illus. Anita Jeram

December 8, 2020 Comments off

Another heart warming picture book from the author of the hugely popular Guess How Much I love You? and illustrated by the same Anita Jeram.

Little Nutbrown hare is becoming independent and wants to explore the world around him. Big Nutbrown hare lets him go ” but not too far”.

Little Nutbrown hare meets a white Snow hare , a female, and they play together. They dig a deep hole and build a pile high. Then Snow hare disappears and Little Nutbrown hare goes home happy with his adventures.

He tells Big Nutbrown hare and then guess what happens? Read this charming picture book and find out.

Beautifully illustrated, the facial expressions are adorable. I guess people will read things into this story. The White and the Brown? but it is a story of independence and friendship.

Great read-a-loud for juniors.

Flit the Fantail and the Flying Flop by Kat Mereweather

July 9, 2018 Comments off

fantailFlit the Fantail and the Flying Flop by Kat Mereweather. Pub.Scholastic, 2018.

Flit the fantail chick is bored sitting high in a tree in his nest waiting for his parents to bring him back food. He is ready to fly but his parents know better and tell him to stay where he is.

Flit jumps out and falls flat on the forest floor and the other birds try to get him back in his nest. Kiki the Kaka fails, Bit and Bob the rascally robins fail, Kiri the kiwi fails. Wise old Ruru suggests they work together, with some success.

But has Flit learned anything from his experience. Read it and find out.

The illustrations are superb. All the birds have character and the written text is simple and witty. The alliteration of the title and elsewhere is perfect for language development. A good read-a-loud for juniors.