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Gus’s Garage by Leo Timmers

July 1, 2016 Comments off

gus's garageGus’s Garage by Leo Timmers. Translated by James Brown. Pub Gecko Press, 2016.

I have always had admiration for those who save things because they could be useful in spite of pressure from those around them. Some husbands might relate to this. Gus is such a man.

Gus has a garage and big happy expressive eyes. he has an oil rag in his back pocket spanners and things at hand, covered in grime and a never say die attitude. His friends know he is like that too.

Gus stores things beside his garage such as , oil drums, a refrigerator, a giant tuba, a bath etc. They will all come in useful. When Rhino, giraffe, walrus, penguin and rabbit have a problem they come to him and he sorts them out with the store beside his garage. Ingenious!!

The illustrations are bright acrylic like colours over a double page and there is a computer graphic organisation about them. There are 5 birds to contend with hidden in the store of castoffs and as they are used they move to the top of Gus’s garage. Each bird has that same big eyed look as Gus.

James Brown’s rhyming text translations are superb and there is a feel good vibe from the whole picture book. Oh boy I wish I could write and illustrate like this.

Great read aloud and a book boys in particular can pour over. One of the best this year.