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Oli and Basil. The Dashing Frogs of Travel by Megan Hess. Pub. Hardie Grant, 2021.

May 7, 2021 Comments off

This is a very classy picture book about difference and cooperation. Oli and Basil are as different as chalk and cheese and neither knows that meeting the other will change their lives completely.

Both frogs live in stately homes in Paris but they have never met. Oli is an inventor who likes to pull things apart and to create things that move. he is working on a jetpack. Basil is totally different but does have an interest in balloons and flying things. Both are frustrated with their lives.

Then they enter a contest to make a Pig Fly. There is a lot of competition and both lose out to a hedgehog but they meet and decide to work together as a team. Check this superbly illustrated picture book and see how they get on.

Basil and Oli are excellently portrayed and the illustrations are full of ideas and things to look closely at. See if the pig ever does fly.

This is the first in a series titled The World of Claris. Oli and Boris do meet Claris she is a rather chic French mouse, see how they get on.

Timeline. Science & Technology. A visual History of Our world by Peter Goes. Pub. Gecko Press, 2020.

October 16, 2020 Comments off

A non fiction large sized book like this is better than 20 web pages for the amount of information it has about inventions and technological change that has happened since the world began.

It starts with the Sone Age when early man learned how to use and make fire and start making tools. It moves to the copper age, the first metal that man utilised, the improvement in farming techniques and the growth of towns.

It then moves to the firat civilisations and the contribution each made to the evolution of technology including Mesopotamia, North and South America, the first Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Romans. Then through the middle ages and every Century until the twentieth century when it moves in decades right up to today when it ends with the development of Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the inventions and inventors you will never have heard off with each dealt with by an appropriate drawing and 4-5 lines of text.

Totally fascinating and essential for school libraries and in the home. My granddaughters already have my copy and are pouring over it.