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The Lost Kitten by Lee. illus. Koma Sakai

January 30, 2017 Comments off

lost-kittenThe Lost Kitten by Lee. illus. Koma Sakai. Pub. Gecko Press, 2017.

Very impressive picture book that begins with this line “When Hina and her mother opened the door, there was a skinny, scruffy kitten”. Makes you want to read it doesn’t it, well it did me.

A good first line sets up a book but the illustration on the opposite page nails it. Mother and daughter stare out at a sickly looking cat while mother cat and sibling look on. Watercolour picture in grays, browns, whites and shades of blue portray a moving yet sad scene.

Mother cat knows her kitten is unwell and needs human care to recover. The mother cat’s head bobs as if saying “please look after my baby” .

I am not going to tell you any more , read it for yourself it is brilliant. There is drama that the kitten may be lost and tears of joy as it recovers. Illustrations throughout are outstanding.

Juniors will love it read to them and new and confident readers will love to read it.

The Brain Sucker by Glenn Wood

October 16, 2012 Comments off

The Brain Sucker by Glenn Wood. Pub. Walker Books, 2012.

A great read-a-loud book for primary and intermediate students.

Lester Smythe is a bad dude. He was ridiculed and treated mean by his teachers and class mates and vows to rid the world of human kindness. I thought it already was but that is the cynic in me.

As an adult and a very clever one, he invents a brain sucking machine consisting of a glass flask with a machine inside and a suction cup which when attached to a sleeping child or adult, sucks all the kindness and goodness out of them as a green blob. I know a few people like that and I expect you do too.

Fortunately there are some good people out there and wheelchair bound Callum and his best friends Sophie who is an inventor par excellence, and the accident prone Jinx, set out to stop Lester.

A very imaginative and well written adventure/science fiction/fantasy novel with a great dollop of humour. Some of Glenn Woods descriptions are brilliant. The villains are loathsome but dangerous and there is a slapstick nature to the action.

Well told and very appealling. I hope this guy is a kiwi. I have learnt that he is a Kiwi.