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Hattie + Olaf by Frida Nilsson, illus. Stina Wirsen. Pub. Gecko Press, 2021.

August 6, 2021 Comments off

Bizarre story telling of the highest order about a pre teen girl named Hattie who is bonkers about horses. She and her best friend Linda plus other classmates play horses at school all day. Hattie desperately wants a horse but her family cannot afford one.

One day her father brings a horse float home and Hattie thinks her birthday has come but when the float is opened out comes a donkey with floppy ears and she hates it immediately. A donkey is no substitute for a horse and the donkey who is called Olaf knows it straight away. Olaf stands out in the field all day and brays. He is not happy with humans and was mistreated by his previous owner. Hattie and Olaf have not got off to a good start but can it improve? read it and find out.

Hattie goes to school deflated but makes up a story about Olaf that is completely untrue but it makes her very popular with her classmates. however to be a liar you have to have a good memory and circumstances have to go your way. They don’t and Hattie becomes an object of contempt and her life becomes a misery. How can this change because change it must.

Great story telling from this Scandinavian writer who illustrates the lifestyle of people in the far north and their relationships. Illustrated in equally bizarre style by Stina Wirsten who shows the character of Olaf very well and Hattie in all her moods.

Told in short chapters which are easy to read and draw you in. Another gem from Gecko Press.

The Runaways by Ulf stark, illus Kitty Crowther.

July 25, 2019 Comments off

runawaysThe Runaways by Ulf stark, illus Kitty Crowther. Pub. Gecko Press, 2019.

A superb novel for everybody about fathers, sons, grandfathers and the end of life written by master Swedish children’s writer Ulf Stark. Oh to be able to write simply, with power, about some of the big issues in life.

Grandpa is in a rest home that he hates. He swears, he doesn’t eat his food and he is grumpy with everyone. He has a weak heart and knows he is near the end of life but he has things that he must do before shedding this mortal coil.

Gottfried Junior his grandson must help him out and against his father’s permission he does so but in the doing he must tell a stack of lies. He asks his grandpa if telling lies is ok and his grandpa replies ” sometimes lying is the only way to be completely truthful”

Go on this wonderful journey with grandpa and Gottfried Junior as they runaway to fulfill grandpa’s last task on planet earth. Truely wonderful. Love is a many splendid thing.