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Little Red Riding Hood -Not Quite by Yvonne Morrison, illus Donovan Bixley

March 11, 2015 Comments off

red riding hoodLittle Red Riding Hood -Not Quite by Yvonne Morrison, illus Donovan Bixley. Pub. Scholastic, 2015.

Just as clever and enchanting as last years The Three Little Bears Sort of by the same pair.

This time the story of Little Red Riding Hood is dissected line by line and any anomalies in the story are questioned by a little girl in small blue polka dot pyjamas. Why was little red riding hood called that? What is a riding hood? How did the wolf swallow granny whole and then Little red riding hood as well? Surely the wof is too small to do this?

Why didn’t the wolf eat Little Red Riding Hood before going to Granny’s and how was the woodcutter so accurate as to cut open the wolf get granny and little red riding hood out without damaging them or the wolf.

Clearly the story needs thinking about.

Donovan Bixley’s illustrations are outstanding. He mixes lifelike imagery with childlike drawings and the written text is well placed throughout the illustrations. The wolf is terrific.

This will be popular and the same formula could be used by any child to dissect other nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

Good for reading, good for writing good for art and good for a laugh.