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Friday The Rebel Dog by Susan Brocker Illus. Raymond McGrath.

July 6, 2020 Comments off

friday dogFriday The Rebel Dog by Susan Brocker Illus. Raymond McGrath. Pub. Scholastic, 2020.

This is a story of old New Zealand when a man was a man and a dog was a dog and the dog had only one master. It is the story of James Mackenzie and his dog who for the first time to my knowledge, has been named, and he is called Friday.

MacKenzie with help from Friday steals a herd of over 1000 sheep and leads them through a secret pass to the plains beyond but is pursued by the herdsmen, caught, de shoed and arrested. read it and see what happened to him and his dog Friday.

The pair are a landmark bronze sculpture at Fairlie which is the gateway to the now Mackenzie Country.

Well told and uniquely illustrated. The collie is a little different from the sculpture as is Mackenzie but there is no doubting the bond between man and dog.

A story that all New Zealand children should know and in picture book format it is ideal.