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The Memory Thief by Leonie Agnew. Pub Puffin, 2021

July 18, 2021 Comments off

Seth is a troll who lives in the gardens with an older troll Celeste. In the day he turns into a stone statue and at night he reverts to a human persona and feeds off the memories of those who pass by. His own memory is not so hot and he is confused by the mixing of others memories with his own. he wants to leave the park but is locked in by iron gates and we all know trolls are allergic to iron.

Next door lives a girl called Stella who has a younger brother. Stella spots Seth in his dirty condition and thinks he needs help but all he really wants is her memories. As Seth gets to know Stella he wants to get to know her as a person and avoids stealing her memories.

Stella however is onto him, she has researched google and knows Seth is a troll and that trolls eat humans. Seth is upset with this and has no intention of eating Stella or stealing her memories but Stella wants him to steal her memories.. Stella has a disturbing past that she would rather forget.

What will Celeste do? Can Seth break out of the park? What role will the little brother play?

Check this excellent fantasy and see what happens. Very imaginative and well written in a flowing style. Once you start reading you will not want to stop.

The Night the moon fell Down by Bill Nagelkerke.

September 26, 2019 Comments off

poetryThe Night the moon fell Down by Bill Nagelkerke.  Copy Press Nelson, 2019.

This is the first book of poems that I have reviewed on this blog and it required some thinking of how I was going to do it.

It was obvious from the first poem as “One quick flick One sharp click One small bulb Scares away the big, dark night” that Bill was born to be a poet and that poetry helped him remember and understand his childhood.

He writes about playing football with a homemade ball, riding scooters with ‘My best friend’s Mother’s Mother’s Mother’s brother”, going to the supermarket for milk and buying a whole trolley full of other groceries.

His father was a baker because “he kneads the dough (sad joke I know” and his mother makes concrete cake. Xmas came from Holland in a parcel and Mount Cook “lost thirty feet The day it’s summit plummeted”.

He finishes with every writer’s nightmare “A pain at night Can sometimes be a poem in the head” and the last  poem is 25 words given to him by a teacher to make a poem. Superb.

Simple, easy to understand and a lot more than I have told you here.

For primary and secondary school readers.

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