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Help! I’m Moving to Mars by Lula Green.

November 18, 2019 Comments off

moving to MarsHelp! I’m Moving to Mars by Lula Green. Little And Lula Publishing, 2019.

Moving house  is always a traumatic experience for children and adults whether it be from one city to another, one country to another or in this case one Planet to another.

So it is with 10 year old Malia and her large family. Malia doesn’t want to go she will miss her friends, the things she does and places on Earth that she visits daily. Too bad she and her family are off.

The journey will take a couple of months and while there are no details of what awaits them at the other end it is adjustment to the change that is important in this short, large print, easy to read novel for primary and intermediate readers.

How would you like to be confined in a space ship with a snake and a tarantula? Fortunately for Malia she has a Z screen link with Tabitha who is the same age as Malia, and Tabitha would love to be in Malia’s position.

Drama is built up nicely as the landing on Mars is approaching but you will have to read that for yourself.

A self published work. Contact

Cornelia and the Jungle Machine by Nora Brech.

October 9, 2019 Comments off

corneliaCornelia and the Jungle Machine by Nora Brech. Pub. Gecko Press, 2019.

Not quite a wordless picture book, with the written text giving you just enough to stimulate your imagination.

Cornelia moves with her parents to a new or rather old house. It looks like the sort of house Norman Bates lived in – stuffed animals on the walls and a grim gothic exterior.

Cornelia doesn’t like it, there’s no one to play with. Her parents send her off into the forest to have some time out and the fantasy begins and Oh what fantasy.

Cornelia finds a ladder leading to the tree tops and meets Fredrik who has an eye patch and an inventive personality. They have a great time.

The illustrations are impressive. Kids will pour over them for hours. Some of the best I have seen in a picture book.

Needless to say Cornelia comes back to her new home with a different point of view.

For primary and intermediate readers but everybody will love this story. Check it out.

The Tree Hut by Joy H. Davidson, Illus. Nina Kudinova

November 15, 2018 Comments off

tree hutThe Tree Hut by Joy H. Davidson, Illus. Nina Kudinova. Pub. DHD Publishing, 2018.

Moving house from the country to the city fills young Jack with despair. He had a tree house in the country and he is going to miss it big time.

He looks over the fence in his new home and sees an old house that looks like a haunted house. Maybe things are looking up. Then he hears an old voice from over the fence asking his name and saying I will talk to your mother.

It is Mrs Montgomery and she is very old but she has a surprise that is going to cheer Jack up no end. Read it and see what it is.

Easy to read text for a confident reader or to be read aloud. The illustrations are in water colour and really heighten the mystery and surprise in this book.

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