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Neil Young. Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young.

September 1, 2018 Comments off

neil youngNeil Young. Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young. Pub. Penguin, 2012.

“I have sometimes become so infatuated by a goal that I visualise myself doing unbelievable things”. So sayeth rock ‘n roller Neil Young in this autobiography that he wrote by just sitting at the computer and putting down what came into his head.

A Canadian boy from North Ontario who was drawn to music like a bee to a honey pot. Songs just flowed like water and I am so glad they did. He talks about all the bands he played with – The Squires, Buffalo Springfield, Crazy horse, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, plus all the artists he met from his beginnings in 1963 through to 2012. There is even a Charles Manson story.

He talks about Woodstock, about Altamont that only had one murder. He can be a bit insensitive, as he was over the song Southern Man that Lynard Skynard took to task. He admits it in the book and also says John Lennon did not like the quote that is so often made with reference to Neil Young It is better to burn out than to fade away.

He also comes across as a family man looking after two sons by two different women, who had cerebral palsy – Zeke and Ben. He talks with pride about them and his daughter Amber. He doesn’t hide his drug taking and gives great insight into his songs. I loved Four Dead in Ohio and Cinnamon Girl. His wife Pegi I deduced saved his life and he speaks well of her.

He has a great love of cars and railway sets and has a passion about producing pure clean music that has been massacred by modern systems like MP3 and the Itunes recordings. He goes into some depth about all of these things.

I liked him and at least he wrote it himself. Very witty, funny and profound in parts and a great incite into the rock era he lived and dominated. I am off to play Harvest.

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