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Changing Times: The Story of a NZ town and it’s Newspaper by Bob Kerr

October 23, 2015 Comments off

changing timesChanging Times: The Story of a NZ town and it’s Newspaper by Bob Kerr. Pub. Potton & Burton, 2015.

An historical picture book starting in Scotland in 1839 when a young printer James McPherson and his family catch a ship to New Zealand and start a newspaper that is to last until the Internet news makes it obsolete at the end of the first decade of the 21st Century.

The story is narrated by paperboy Matt McPherson a relative of the original settler and shows the same innovative thinking that his ancestor did.

Once the first journey to New Zealand and establishment is over eacy two page spread features a different aspect of New Zealand history from the land wars through World war 1 and up to the establishment of the Internet.

Bob Kerr’s comic book style cartoon illustrations tell a million other stories too and on all two page spreads their are newspaper articles that¬† throw light on what was happening both historically and in the change of life style.

To link the pages and give the readers something extra there is a scottish tartan quilt or shawl hidden somewhere in the illustration. See if you can find them all. I still have one page to find it.

More effective than his previous historical picture book titled After the War. Mainly for primary and intermediate students but something there for the adults to muse over and to relive the passing days.

Essential for school libraries and for the coffee table.  Critically a superb piece of work.