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The Nose Pixies by David Hunt & Lucia Masciullo

June 24, 2016 Comments off

nose pixiesThe Nose Pixies by David Hunt & Lucia Masciullo. Pub. HarperCollins, 2016.

I doubt there is a person in the World who hasn’t picked their nose and eaten it. Except me of course, I am above all that sort of thing. One thing is for sure, along with gaseous emissions from the other end of the body this is a great source of fun for kids.

It doesn’t pay to caught of course. Oliver has the habit that even his teddy bear finds disgusting. Oliver’s father takes the problem in hand and tells him a story of a tribe of fairies who were tougher than a goblin’s underpants and who mined Nose Gold.

Yes you read right they mined snot out of children’s noses and used it for absolutely everything. They even had Booger Banks and phlegm fountains.

The Snot Rocket Squad containing characters such as Snuffly Drippy and Blowful take their picks up Oliver’s nostril avoiding the hairs so that he doesn’t sneeze.

I have said enough read the rest yourself.

Appropriate water colour illustrations with my favourites being the goblin’s underpants and the tissue of nose gold.

Kids will love this at all levels especially juniors. Great for reading aloud, I intend to use it this way.