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View from the 32nd Floor by Emma Cameron

July 1, 2013 Comments off

32nd floorView from the 32nd Floor by Emma Cameron. Pub.Walker Books, 2013.

A lovely little story this about community and the positive role that children can have on old people and old people can have on children.

William Roland lives on the 32nd floor of an apartment block and his friend Rebecca lives on the same floor but in the building next door. They see each other across the gap and become friends.

Both children have their quirks with William changing his name everyday by combining meaningful names from different languages. Every chapter tells of todays name and the meanings in their own language. Rebecca has a walking deformity which is accepted by everybody and is not an issue in her life.

Both children are interested in the other tenants that share their buildings, most of them old and lonely. The contact that they have with the old people has a positive affect on all their lives.

Drama and expectation is maintained throughout by the reactions of the old people to the children and their efforts to get everybody involved. I hope I live in such a community when I am old.

Gently written by Emma Cameron whose book Cinnamon Rain is also one of my favourites and previewed elsewhere on this blog.

Primary and Intermediate in appeal but we can all enjoy this gem.

Farm Boy : sequel to War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

December 20, 2011 Comments off

Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo. Illus. Michael Foreman. Pub. HarperCollins Childrens Books, 2011.

Nobody tells an animal story like Michael Morpurgo and while this is not a new story(first published in 1997), it is as relevent today as it ever was, and it is the sequel to War Horse , a film currently showing around the world.

Joey was the horse that went to World War 1 and now he is a plough horse working for the boy who went to war to find him.

The story tells of a boy who teaches his grandfather to read and his grandfather in turn writes him a story about Joey and his mate Zoey as they compete with a tractor in a ploughing competition.

It is a hare and Tortoise story with the lesson “never take anything for Granted”.

Absolutely outstanding and brilliant for describing a byegone era and relationships between old and young especially grandfather and grandson.

For primary and intermediate age children but have a go yourself, it will melt your heart.