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Ming’s Iceberg by Kiri Lightfoot & Kimberly Andrews. Pub. Scholastic, 2021

October 19, 2021 Comments off

“Inside this egg is a brave explorer” are the opening lines of this enchanting story of a penguin who wants know what happens where the Sky touches the sea. Don’t we all but not all of us have the nerve to try and find out.

Ming hatches from her egg and looks out to sea and wonders what is out there. her parents know she will be adventurous from the start.

While walking on the ice with her father Ming is thrown into the sea, climbs aboard and iceberg and drifts north. beneath her the iceberg slowly melts. She is in trouble, how is she going to return to her family? Read it and find out.

A hint of environmental climate change in this story of the great white south and the animal life that lives there.

The illustrations are superb with the blue whale being fantastic. Albert Ross is my favourite, I wonder what he is? Check it and see.

Good read aloud for juniors and a nice bit of fantasy.

Gwendolyn by Juliette MacIver, Illus. Terri Rose Baynton

October 31, 2016 Comments off

gwendolinGwendolyn by Juliette MacIver, Illus. Terri Rose Baynton. Pub. HarperCollins, 2016.

The author and illustrator of this super picture book may live a long swim from each others houses but not as far as Gwendolyn has to swim to get back to Antarctica.

Gwendolyn lives in the jungle with her friends Jaguar, Monkey and ¬†Parrot. She is surprisingly the only penguin but she is upbeat and positive about everything until she realises she has never been home. Then she is down and her friends return the positive compliment. That’s what friends are for.

Gwendolyn decides to go back, but will she make it? and if she does will she like the cold?

Great contrast between the two environments in this quick to read story that would be a great read-a-loud to primary children.

Terri Roses’s watercolour illustrations provide lots of detail with lots of colour, in contrast to Antarctica. I loved the bananas and the parrots.

I know where I would prefer to live but will Gwendolyn think the same?

Yours Sincerely Giraffe by Megumi Iwasa Illus. Jun Takabatake

July 2, 2016 Comments off

sincerely giraffeYours Sincerely Giraffe by Megumi Iwasa Illus. Jun Takabatake. Pub Gecko Press, 2016.

This book is totally delightful. I read it twice in a row because it’s absurdity and simplicity were addictive.

Giraffe and Penguin have never seen each other. Giraffe is lonely and so is Penguin but they live over the horizon from each other. Pelican who sounds a bit like Penguin is also lonely and bored and he decides to set up a mail service.

Giraffe decides to write a letter to someone across the horizon and gets Pelican to deliver it. The letter via Seal gets to Penguin who replies. Giraffe in his letter says he has a big neck and Penguin wonders what a neck is and describes himself to Giraffe.

The letters continue and Giraffe decides he will go and visit penguin trying to look as he imagines Penguin looks. the result is hilarious. I read it to me granddaughters and they loved it. I think I am reading it again to them tonight.

The simple black and white pen illustrations are perfect. If you miss this one you will kick yourself.

Ideal read-a-loud for juniors and intermediate readers. Letter writing is an added quality of this short novel.

It’s hard to imagine someone you have never seen. Try it some time.