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Dave Pigeon (Royal Coo) by Swapna Haddon, illus. Sheena Dempsey.

March 26, 2019 Comments off

royal cooDave Pigeon (Royal Coo) by Swapna Haddon, illus. Sheena Dempsey. Pub. Faber&Faber, 2019.

This title and its three prequels are a great laugh and easy to read for reluctant primary and intermediate school readers. They are fun, are not stupid and have a fair degree social satire.

Dave pigeon is a bit of a lad, has some dumb ideas, gets into a lot of trouble but is kept in line by his best friend Skipper who pens these books.

This time there is a new Royal baby and the Peoples Palace is full of celebratory goodies which pigeons love. Dave and Skipper are off to the Palace to get their share when they discover that the Royal pigeon is a dead ringer for Dave.

Royal pigeon wants a day or so to fly among the commoners and Dave can have a new role in the Palace, so they swap. But there are enemies around and the penalty for being caught could land Dave and Skipper in jail.

See how they get on and see how the Royal pigeon gets on amongst the commoners.

Excellent illustrations once again from Sheena Dempsey. She manages to make even Dave look like Royalty.

Dave Pigeon 3. Pigeon Racer by Swapna Haddow, illus. Sheena Dempsey.

November 10, 2018 Comments off

dave pigeon 2Dave Pigeon 3. Pigeon Racer by Swapna Haddow, illus. Sheena Dempsey. Pub. Faber & Faber, 2018.

As I read this new Dave Pigeon book I wondered if he had changed or learned something since his wing was ripped off by a mean cat. He is just as boastful and he and his friend Skipper are still living in the friendly human’s shed. But he is highly imaginative.

The friendly human takes Dave and Skipper to a vet where Dave is having a new wing fitted. There they meet a whole new set of animals including Jet, the wise cracking three legged dog. When they stay over night they are challenged by a former pirate’s parrot¬† Opprobrious Vastanavius. Dave as usual puts his beak in and ends up challenging the parrot to a race.

Ever the optimist Dave considers his new wing will be right and is confident his status as a racing pigeon will get him home. Then Dave’s missing father, a champion racing pigeon called Micky Lightning, shows up in the enemy camp giving racing tips to the parrot.

It’s all on. Full of bad jokes and madcap capers, this story is highly imaginative with lots of laughs for the newly confident reader.¬† Sheena Dempsey comes to the party with great illustrations of the new characters.

Worth getting this series.

Dave Pigeon 1. How to deal with bad cats and keep (most of) your feathers by Swapna Haddon, illus. Sheena Dempsey.

November 8, 2018 Comments off

dave pigeon 1Dave Pigeon. How to deal with bad cats and keep (most of) your feathers by Swapna Haddon, illus. Sheena Dempsey. Pub. Faber & Faber, 2016.

This is the first of a series of books about a lovable but lucky pigeon called Dave. He loves himself, is very competitive, not that bright, likes to get the better of other pigeons in the race to that tender morsel at any cost, but in spite of that, he is successful.

Why’s that you may ask? because he has a true friend in Skipper who not only gets Dave out of scraps but writes or narrates these tales.

These books are for your newly confident reader who may be reluctant but will follow a series if there is enough going on. I am happy to say there is a lot going on and in this book Dave and Skipper have found a human who is good to them but she has a mean cat who will rip their feathers off if given a chance.

The cat has to go but how? You will have to read the book to find out. Dave’s efforts are bizarre and Skipper is going to be tested.

Sheena Dempsey illustrates superbly with the cat being a beauty. For readers 7-10 years.