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The Time Pirate by Ted Bell. A Nick McIver Time Adventure

The Time Pirate by Ted Bell. Pub. St Martin’s Griffin, New York, 2010.

Boy’s Own fantasy/adventure at it’s old fashioned best. A combination of Biggles and and Pirates of the Carribbean and a delight to read. In fact thrilling to read.

This is the second part of the Nick McIver Time Adventure Series the first being Nick of Time. Both books are based around the discovery of two time machines invented by Leonardo do Vinci called Tempus Machina.

One time machine is in the hands of our hero Nick McIver, the other is in the hands of a bloodthirsty megalomaniac pirate called Capt William Blood. In the last book Capt Blood had his right hand cut off in a fight with Lord Hawke one of Nick’s compatriots, and Blood is seeking revenge.

The story opens in 1940 as the Nazis are about to attack the Channel Islands of which Nick’s home island of Greybeard Island is part. The invasion takes place and Nick is sprung into action in his fathers World War 0ne aircraft a Sopwith Camel.

At the same time Capt William Blood is plotting revenge on Nick and his friends Gunner, Lord Hawke and Commander Hobbes. He plans to lure Nick into a trap so he can obtain the second Tempus Machina, and then set about ruling the world. Wonderful stuff.

Capt Blood has assembled a mighty fleet of pirate ships with which to defeat the British and French in the year 1781. This forms the second part of this book and Nick gets involved in the American War of Independence. The Battle of Yorktown is well described.

A fast moving adventure story that will lure the reader in and hook them for the length of the book. I was and so will you. This book and Nick of Time are absolutely fantastic, you will be rivetted to the book till the end.

Aimed at Intermediate students but good younger readers will also enjoy this series.