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Walk of The Whales by Nick Bland. Pub. Little Hare, Hardie Grant, 2021.

November 10, 2021 Comments off

A classy picture book with an important message and a sense of humour that will captivate you.

What would happen if whales left the sea and started walking around on the land, eating all the restaurants out of fish, clogging up the swimming pools, leaving their rubbish around, cracking up the roads and pavements and generally interfering with our lives and livelihood?

Would we like it? and why would whales want to leave the sea anyway? Do they have to? Check this thought provoking picture book out and find out.

Superbly illustrated by the author. The whales are astonishing. Check out a whale riding a bicycle and another performing Whale Lake.

The message is unmistakable but will we do anything about it? lets hope so.

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The Great Realisation by Tomos Roberts, illus. Nomoco. Pub. HarperCollins Books, 2020.

September 20, 2020 Comments off

This without doubt is the picture book of the year, possibly the decade.

It is an inspiring, hopeful and inciteful poem told by a father, sometime in the future, to his son at bedtime.

It looks at the world pre Covid and shows it to be a soulless place with people who get instant gratification with a click. The people became disconnected from each other and the Planet became polluted until the virus hit.

Then people became connected again while in lock down and people saw that the new World was better than the one left behind. It was called the Great Realisation.

Nomoco’s water colour illustrations tell the story in pictures and enhance Tomos Roberts written poetic text.

Don’t miss this it is brilliant.

Moth. An evolution Story by Isabel Thomas illus. Daniel Egneus.

July 18, 2018 Comments off

mothMoth. An evolution Story by Isabel Thomas illus. Daniel Egneus. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2018.

The theory of Evolution and Natural selection has so often been tagged with the catch phrase “survival of the fittest”. This sophisticated picture book brilliantly illustrates that those that survive are those that have the ability to adapt. Adaptation is the key to evolution.

This picture book concentrates on the history of the peppered moth as it changed through the Industrial Revolution and into the modern world where humankind has started to clean up the environment.

At first the salt and pepper winged moths survived because they could disguise themselves from predators, then the black winged moths thrived during the dark days of the industrial Revolution. Now as humankind cleans up the environment, both coloured moths are able to flourish.

Brilliantly illustrated by Daniel Egneus who captures the natural world of the moths as they relate to the changing environment. The Industrial Revolution has never been portrayed better than this.

Isabel Thomas’s text is superb, simple yet telling. A perfect introduction to Natural Selection for children, and a timely reminder to adults on the effects humankind has on the environment of all the species that inhabit our planet.

The best sophisticated picture book of the year in my opinion.

Up The River. New Zealand’s Rivers, Lakes & Wetlands by Gillian Candler & Ned Barraud.

September 14, 2017 Comments off

up the riverUp The River. New Zealand’s Rivers, Lakes & Wetlands by Gillian Candler & Ned Barraud. Pub. Potton & Burton, 2017.

The latest in the Explore & Discover series from these two writers this time about our waterways and wetlands and incidentally an election issue in New Zealand concerning the purity of our water systems and our pure green image.

The concern in this non fiction work is to show the plant, insect, fish and other animal life in a down water ride from mountain to sea. It shows the balance in the natural world, the water cycle and the threats to plants and animals in the system from farm waste and other pollutants.

It is still essentially a nature study and Ned Barraud’s digital and other illustrations highlight the amazing natural world of the water systems.

Another essential purchase for school libraries, no web page can cover the ground as well as this publication. Others in this series are reviewed on this blog.